Health Benefits of a Beach Vacation

There is a big reason why people have happy memories of seaside vacations. They go home feeling rested and happy, and it’s because the ocean improves your health!  Here are some health benefits that the ocean offers:

Sea air helps you sleep better
Sea air has higher levels of oxygen, which lead to improved sleep. It’s also generally cleaner and fresher. Sounds good to us! Science says take a beach vacation>>>

Sea Air helps you feel better
Salty sea air is incredibly good for your respiratory system. Vacationers with asthma, bronchitis, sinus pressure and coughing notice a big improvements. Science of a beach vacation>>>

The ocean helps you de-stress
The sound and sight of the ocean is good for the brain. There’s a reason guests watch the sunsets every evening! The ocean instills a sense of peace and awe to help distress and relax. This improves the immune system! Why you need that beach vacation>>>

The ocean improves your immune system
The ocean water has healing powers! Swimming in ocean water infuses your body with magnesium which relaxes muscles, improves the immune system, boosts circulation and hydrates the skin.

More Vitamin D
Enjoying a day at the beach exposes guests to the Vitamin D many of us are lacking. Just remember the SPF! 

You’re more likely to exercise
The ocean invites a more active lifestyle, especially on vacation. Seagoers are more likely to walk farther with beautiful views and want to try ocean sports like swimming, sailing, surfing and kayaking. The ocean is calling!

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