Monthly Application

Monthly Application




(Limit 2 per site; current shots & license required; no guard type breeds—see online policies)



(Limit 2 per site/*Fee for 2nd vehicle)


(May be contacted in case of an emergency) Nearest Living Relative (I.C.E.)


My application signature affirms that all the information given above is currently accurate. My application signature does not mean that I have been approved as a monthly guest. I authorize Paradise by the Sea Beach RV Resort (PBTS) to investigate any and all information I have provided. PBTS does not discriminate based on age, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual identification, physical ability, family or martial status, or any other applicable category of person. I also authorize any previous or current landlords and/or RV park management to release my personal information as a monthly guest/renter to PBTS management for the purposes of processing this application.

Requirements for application approval: RVs must be in complete working order with no visible damage or leaks in passenger vehicle or RV. Trailers must be towed in by their registered owner; motorhomes may not be towed in. RV may not be manufactured more than 15 years ago. Paradise by the Sea Beach RV Resort (PBTS) reserves the right to deny any RV that PBTS determines does not fit the criteria.

One-night stay while waiting for approval of application: A payment for 1 night may be taken upon entering the resort but, by signing this, I understand that this does not mean that my application is approved. Partial payments of $500 in Fall/Spring/Winter and $1000 partial payment in Summer will be taken to hold site type. No exact site numbers are guaranteed unless otherwise documented and paid for.

Cancellations: Monies are 90% refundable if PBTS is given 30 or more days prior notice to schedule arrival. Cancellations less than 30 days prior to scheduled arrival date result in loss of monies. NO shows for 48 hours will be cancelled and the site will not be available.

Max Stay/Payment: I understand the maximum length of stay is 90 days or three months. Payment for the entire balance of month is due upon arrival day (before entering the designated RV site). If payment in full is not received within 72 hours of arrival/renewal date, rate will switch to daily and a new month rate can only start upon receipt of full payment. No partial payments are taken away while I am a guest at PBTS. The monthly electricity charge is based on usage and paid at the end of the month.

Policies: I accept the responsibility to inform any guest that may visit me during my stay, to obtain a parking pass from the front office regardless of the duration of their visit. All parking is assigned and paid within the resort. No household appliances, furniture, storage bins, or other materials deemed unfit in the resort are permitted. No RV/car washing is allowed unless approved by PBTS management. I understand management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason and will not be responsible for injuries, accidents, or theft/loss/damage of valuables and possessions.

Notice: Pursuant to Civil Code Section 799.20el.seq and RV may be removed from the premises without
judicial hearing after the service of a 72-hour notice, if the occupant who has been in the park for 30 days
or less has either; 1) failed to pay for his/her occupancy in the park or 2) failure to comply with the rules
and regulations. NOTICE: State Law and resort rules prohibit any domestic animal running loose in the