Check-in is 2PM – 10PM.
Please try your best to time your drive so that you do not arrive before 2pm. For late arrivals after closing time, there will be a security guard that will check you in with an information packet and your site assignment. Arrivals after 10pm will not be allowed entry due to Quiet Time. 

Check-out is 7AM- 11AM.
Late departures are subject to additional fees.

Reservations for ‘daily stays’ in winter that are made less than 7 days from arrival date are subject to payment in full and non-refundable.

There is a $6.00 booking fee for all reservations made!

If by 4pm the day after your scheduled arrival date you do not call or arrive, your reservation will be cancelled and all payments will be forfeited.


Daily: Total balance is typically pre-paid; With a 7-day notice, you will have a choice of a 90% refund or 100% transferable/credit for a future stay. Notices between 7 days and 24hrs results in 25% cancel fee 75% transferable.  Less than 24hr notice prior to your arrival date results in a forfeit of payment.

Monthly: $500-$1000 pre-payment per month reserved; With a 30-day notice, you will have a choice of 90% refundable or 100% transferable/credit for a future stay. Less than 30-day notice of your arrival date results in a forfeit of payment.

NO REFUNDS or transfers for unused portions of your stay.

Online Reservations are prepaid. Cancellations and Transfer of funds to alternate dates is under transfer policy noted above for each season.


Cars and Trucks: Reservation fee includes 1 RV and 1 Car/Truck that fits on your RV site.  If you can’t fit your car/truck on your RV site, you are subject to purchasing a parking pass for your car/truck.

Summer Visitor Parking–During the summer season, each site is limited to ONE CAR. Visitors must park on either Morse or Pacific Street.  However, if a 2nd car will fit COMPLETELY on your RV site, you must pay an additional $20 per day for that car. Park only in your assigned parking space. Western Towing Company will tow all unregistered and wrongly-parked vehicles. If your car has been towed, please call (760) 738-9244.

Parking Pass Rates–Day-time visits are up to $20 per day depending on season. A parking pass for a 2nd vehicle is $10-$15 per night to park in winter, spring, fall and $20 during the summer.

Cargo, Flatbed, ATV/Jet Ski Trailers–These trailers are treated as 2nd vehicles and vehicle parking fees apply. Trailers can be subject to additional fees based on length or ability to fit on RV sites. If off-site parking is required for your cargo, flatbed, ATV, etc. you could pay up to $50 per night during summer or holidays (upon management’s discretion). We cannot guarantee trailer parking during busy periods such as summer and holiday times. Please inform reservation staff while making your reservations; if doing an online booking, please add in the guest comments section.

POOL & SPA (The CDC states that viruses cannot survive in well-maintained pools and hot tubs. Enjoy!)
 FULL COVERAGE SWIMWEAR ONLY- NO THONGS ETC. Children under 14 years old must have an ADULT with them; older siblings or friends cannot supervise younger children. NO visible ALCOHOL containers, NO smoking or vaping, NO PETS, NO cutoff jeans. NO rafts or squirt guns in the pool. NO glass. BABIES must wear SWIM DIAPERS. Please shower before entering. Hours are from 7am – 10pm everyday (closed for cleaning 8am-9am). NO lifeguard on duty.

Summer, Fall Spa Hours: The spa is available to everyone between the hours of 7 am until 7:30 pm as the temperature will be 98-99 degrees. After 7:30 pm, the temperature will be turned up to 102 degrees and will be *ADULTS ONLY:18+. Please read all posted warning signs before entering spa.

Winter, Spring Spa Hours: The spa is available to everyone between the hours of 7 am until 5 pm as the temperature will be 98 degrees. After 5 pm, the temperature will be turned up to 103 degrees and will be *ADULTS ONLY. (*Adults = 18 yrs old and up – no exceptions. ID’s may need to be presented when requested)

The American Flag, State Flags, current U.S. Military, and Sports Teams are the only flags allowed to fly. Sorry, no other flags are permitted and this will be strictly enforced.

Dogs are $2/day per dog.

Paradise is a very pet-friendly environment. We provide doggie waste bags as well as waste receptacles at our two Pet Stop areas, and in Buccaneer Park. You are expected to pick up after your pet at ALL TIMES. Buccaneer Park has a large 2 acre grass field for your pet to exercise on.  Along with the grass park, Pet Stop #1 & #2 are the only acceptable areas to let your pet do their business.  Also, please do not allow your dogs to use spaces (including your own) or any other area in the Resort. Failure to pick up after your dog will result in you being asked to leave without a refund. Any pet showing aggression may be asked to leave the resort due to insurance liability issues placed upon our resort staff.

Because of safety issues and our insurance policy, WE DO NOT ALLOW PURE OR CROSS-BRED PITBULLS, STAFFORDSHIRE TERRIERS, DOBERMANS, GERMAN SHEPHERDS, CHOWS, AMERICAN BULLDOGS, ROTTWEILERS, SHARPEIS, OR ANY OTHER GUARD DOG TYPE BREEDS. NO EXCEPTIONS. Dogs and cats must be kept on a 6 Foot leash or shorter at all times. Do not tie dogs to resort shrubs, trees, light posts or equipment. PETS ARE NOT TO BE LEFT ALONE IN YOUR RV OR TIED OUTSIDE, as most dogs will bark non-stop if left alone. Do not leave your pets outside overnight. Pets are not allowed in the office, bathrooms or pool area. Cats are not allowed to roam and large outdoor cat enclosures are not permitted.

PROPANE Fire Pits Only. No Wood or Duraflame Campfires. The flames should not be any higher than 9 inches in height. If you are going to BBQ or use a smoker, be respectful of others. Please don’t set BBQs on tables, because doing so will burn a hole thru the wood! When disposing of coal BBQ briquettes, please use our disposal bin near site #14, #85, #91.

Daytime courtesies include not blocking off streets with games, not playing loud games (washers or loud cornhole boards), keeping music at a reasonable volume (your neighbor doesn’t want to hear your radio). Nothing permitted during quiet hours.

Guests at Paradise must observe quiet hours between 10:00 PM and 7:00 AM – it simply means being considerate of your fellow RVers. At Security’s or Camp Host’s discretion, you may be asked to quiet down. Failure to comply or showing disrespect is grounds for immediate eviction and police escort off property by Oceanside Police Department.

*Day Guests and Visitors must leave the Resort at 9:30 PM or $5 fee applies.

Have fun on bikes, razors, waves &  rollerblades, just don’t ride near the entrance or exit. Have fun in our recreation room playing wii, ping pong, shuffleboard, watching TV and eating candy & ice cream…but if you are under age 7 you must have a PARENT with you. For your safety, skateboards, longboards, kiddie cars are not allowed to be ridden here.

Bicycles, Razors, Waves and Rollerblades are Welcome! Quiet motorized (electric) riding machines are permitted but please observe traffic and safety laws including helmets. NO Skateboards, NO Longboards, NO Kiddie Cars are permitted, but may be ridden on our walkway to the beach or down at the park. Please do not ride near our Entrance or Exit, as cars and RVs may not see you. Children may ride after dark with lights on vessel, but carefully and at their own risk. Be safe!

Only those with valid state driver’s licenses may drive golf carts. The Speed limit is 5 mph. Golf Carts must follow the same parking policies as registered vehicles at our resort. You may ONLY park on your space. Golf carts are not to be parked by the office, laundry room, pool, restrooms or on the pavement under any circumstances. Any persons deemed to be driving in an unsafe manner, driving laps, or not following the Golf Cart rules may be asked to leave without a refund and will not be welcome to stay here in the future.

Please use or fly your toys at Buccaneer Park on the large grassy area; they are not permitted in the resort due to safety and privacy standards.

Alcohol is permitted as long as you do not take any glass off your RV space.  Please do not bring any visible containers to our common areas…instead place in a plastic cup.  Do not leave alcohol unattended overnight or on your table. Do not throw your tobacco butts on the ground. This is grounds for eviction. Smoking is permitted in your RV, but not common areas. Please be courteous of neighbors not desiring exposure to dangerous secondhand smoke. We have chosen not to allow marijuana smoking on our private property in observance of federal law. If needed for medical reasons, please consider an edible so as not to disturb your neighbor.

Children under age 7 must be accompanied in the Game Room by an adult. We have a very nice Game Room complete with The Paradise Coffee Cart, Flat Screen for watching TV and movies, Wii Games, Billiards, Ping Pong, and Shuffleboard. Under age 14 must be accompanied by an adult to play Billiards.  No yelling/cheering loudly.

The Laundry Hours are 24/7. Please be considerate of others by not leaving your laundry unattended in the washers or dryers.

Toy Haulers are welcome at Paradise by the Sea, but if you have an auxiliary Gas or Diesel pump station in the trailer, as a SAFETY PRECAUTION, IT MUST BE EMPTY.

Truck Campers are welcome at Paradise by the Sea, but THE CAMPER SHELL MUST REMAIN no more than 12 inches off ground on factory-built jacks!

TENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED AT THE RESORT, neither is sleeping outside of your RV, in a car, truck, or even in a screened-in room. Our permit allows only for sleeping inside 1 RV.

Vehicle Repairs or Washing of RVs are not allowed here due to environmental issues and our proximity to the beach. Smith Brother’s RV Wash is the only authorized vendor to wash in the resort. We thank you for your cooperation in advance.

Only new, non-faded canopies are permitted as long as they do not infringe on neighbor’s site boundary. No TARPS of any kind shall serve as an awning. ONLY pre-manufactured awnings and screen rooms, designed to attach to the RV, will be permitted.

Clotheslines are only allowed for swimsuits and towels. Please do not tie clotheslines to anything except your own RV.

To prevent any problems, we recommend using baby powder, comet powder or even baking soda. Sprinkle it around everything that touches the ground including your tires and hoses.

Lock bikes and other valuables up!

We will not assume any responsibility for any damage caused by fire, theft, vandalism, natural happenings, or accident. Individuals should carry personal insurance to cover any such loss. When away from your RV, please secure and lock your vehicle. Items such as bicycles, surfboards and scooters should be locked up or secured. Additionally, the business may assume any personal property and/or valuables left or abandoned for longer than thirty (30) days are property of Paradise by the Sea RV Resort.

Guests must fill out a complete monthly application before renting a site. RV must be no more than 15 years old.  Income must be at least 3 times total rent charges.  Maximum length of stay is 90 days. Please see application for more details.

Subleasing spaces is not allowed. No space rental is transferable to any other party.

Respect for your neighbor includes keeping your site clean and free of clutter. Also, do not cut through others’ spaces, or allow your children to do the same.  Noise and child play should not infringe on your neighbors good time either.

Your credit card is auto-charged for SEWER SPILLS, DAMAGE and MESSES.

Paradise by the Sea and its employees reserve the right to amend, revise and add to these rules at any time without prior notice. Please be aware that items not currently on our list may be added at anytime as we see fit. Also, check our website periodically, as we may have updated our policies! Resort Management’s verbal requests are to be followed even if not explicitly listed in policies.